Software Development

We can provide assistance in regards to your software needs, current or future projects.

We have two sided software development strategy to cater to the wide range of user segments. We are dedicated to two software development practices:

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development practice develops and implements custom software solutions that are specifically designed to the unique requirements of our clients, while employing a unique project life cycle methodology that is defined by tight collaboration with client staff without continuous review by the client during the phase of development. We have developed a wide range of custom software PC or internet based for our clients.


Software Product Development

Our software product development practice develops software products for general use in specific industries and niches. Our flagship product, the highly-acclaimed Financial Accounting Software customized for various user segments, are an example of our software product development capabilities, though we have several other products as well. We have a wide range of accounting and inventory control and business management software available as standard versions off the shelf for various users.

We are completely devoted to producing only the highest quality software solutions for its clients. For the last Seven years, we have been developing tailored software applications for companies in the India, always targeted to solve and satisfy specific and unique problems and needs.


The Company was the one of the firm to develop a MIS tool that demonstrated for the power of Visual Design Based Computing in the business and commercial applications. Today we have state of the art MIS software to cater to small and medium sized firms, organization and companies. They provide you all ... Accounts, Billing, Inventory Control, Sales and Purchase Analysis, Payroll, Costing ... less than one program ... totally integrated and seamless.

With the advent of new technology we have kept pace with the ever changing development tools and now we are using state of the art software development tools which are being used by top professionals all over the world.

Pruthvi Computers Pvt Ltd is focused on providing software solutions to small and medium sized businesses, which are large in numbers and want and need to use the computer and Internet to profitably grow their businesses. We provide you these cutting edge computer technologies.

Since inception, the Company has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support.

Supply of software made as per your specification or for modification in any of our standard software please emails us or call us at any of our phone numbers.

For more information on supply of software email Mr. Pankaj Vira, Pruthvi Computers Pvt Ltd at or call us at any of our phone numbers.

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