Computer Hardware, Networking & AMC's

It gives us great pleasure to introduce “Pruthvi Computers Pvt Ltd”.

Pruthvi has refocused itself into building an organization based on the knowledge platform that India represents. Today, Pruthvi is building business in emerging knowledge-based areas of Computers, TFT LCD, Networking Solutions, Router, Printers, UPS and Inverters & Servo Stabilizers.

Each of these areas Pruthvi will innovate, to deliver products and services in a manner that is effective and unique.

Pruthvi is working proactively to influence industry trends and contribute to the development of these service business.

In addition Pruthvi has a significant presence in Computers Annual Maintenance, Computer Peripherals, Office & Computer Stationery, Business/ Office Equipments fully empowered to lead their operations have grown and obtained leadership position in the respective industries by providing high quality products and services, working closely with their customers.

“Pruthvi Computers Pvt Ltd” of the new century strives to provide high value global products and services, designed & delivered by global talent, for global markets. Once again our aim is “Quality Work” with timely services / delivery & availability of essential spares are the main features of “Pruthvi Computers Pvt Ltd”.

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